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    Want to build your own DIY skate spot this summer for free?

    Concrete and tools have been delivered to 17 UK skate shops by Red Bull,  check here to see if your local shop is participating and start planning.

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Wrapped up this guy last night for a good friend of mine. I’m going to miss having them around.


    Wrapped up this guy last night for a good friend of mine. I’m going to miss having them around.

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Pink flowers in the park. 


    Pink flowers in the park. 

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  6. blogzombie said: Could you please comment on/analyze the video that Tumblr user redbloodedamerica posted of Rick Santelli's rant about how the Fed’s artificially manipulating of the markets?


    I’d love to! But could you refer me to the video? Santelli has said quite a few things about this and I want to make sure I address what’s in this particular video.

    I meant the video posted here: http://redbloodedamerica.tumblr.com/post/91952976557/rick-santelli-goes-into-another-epic-rant-about and the following graph.

    I was wondering what advice you can pull from Santelli’s talk or could give in response to it.

  7. redbloodedamerica:

    Rick Santelli goes into another epic rant about the Fed’s artificial manipulation of the markets.  Of course CNBC resident statist reporter Steve Liesman mocks Rick’s theories as never been true…which is convenient considering we’ve seen an unmanipulated Fed yet.

    Here’s what Rick is talking about:

    You can read more here.

    I wish communismkills would comment on and better explain what this means.

  8. Today’s my 22nd “Happy Birthday” (as little-me used to call it). :) This last year had been very eventful, particularly in regards to relationships and personal growth; I hope this next year will work out even better.

  9. Anonymous said: (Different anon) you really are super cute

    o.o *waves* Why thank you :3

  10. I completely agree with everyone about the ridiculous and offensive nature of the #jadapose posts, but do realize that by reposting them, you’re being complicit in the posting of child porn. D: